MSSOS has two home teams: The Sweet Dairy Airs and The Pearl Jammers.

Our WFTDA charter team is our All-Star team and made up of skaters from both home teams.  The All-Star team is our competitive home team and they represent MSSOS at all our WFTDA sanctioned bouts.

Fresh Meat are our skaters who have not yet been placed on a team.

We also have a non-chartered travel team made up of skaters from all our teams –  The Bam!b’s.

Players are listed below with their team designation.

Sweet Dairy AirsThe Sweet Dairy Airs

Pearl JammersThe Pearl Jammers

AllStarAll Star Team

AngelasmAshes2 BethLeppard2 BruiseLee BubbleWrap2 DejaVu2 DropDeadBlonde FaerieDeathMother FilipinoWardog GiantSlayer2 Ginja2 GnarlyDavidslam
HetherSkelter2 HufflePUNCH2 HurricanSusan JollyBlondeGiant2 KaylicioustheVicious KoreanLunchbox2 LesliePoeske Liberty LollyPopya MadameMim MaiaReck2 MistyRobato2 MommyKnockers2 NuclearJeanocyde Poundstooth RoseRedrum2 SammyTsunami2 SergeantLynnsanity SimoneLaMarche2
StarSlammer2 TheAvanator TheEuthanizer2


*Not pictured:  Tijuana Slammer