Off season is a great time to rest your body and turn to activities that you may not have as much time to do during the season. In our last blog post, Korean Lunchbox told us her strategy to approaching the off season, so I thought I would continue the […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

After six nearly continuous seasons, I have become a HUGE advocate of a decent off season. That is, more than two weeks. The level of play is more intense than ever and the things we ask our bodies to do has increased exponentially. Not that we didn’t play hard seven […]

Turning Right in the Off season

If there’s one thing I wish for every person reading this, it’s that you find your weirdos. I’ve gotten lucky, and I’ve found mine twice. Roller derby, obviously, has provided me with a delightful network of odd ducks to meet all of my odd-duck social needs. These people are my […]