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This is typically not my thing, but I figured I would give an update on what I’m doing on the off season! Normally I do nothing. By nothing I mean work, eat, sleep, repeat. And mix in a very little family/fiancé/friend time. This year I am challenging myself to be a better all around athlete.

It all started at the end of June. I saw an advertisement for a “90 day new you challenge” at a CrossFit gym CrossFit Themis in Rib Mountain. I figured, ‘hey this could be fun!’ I asked a few friends and family members to see if I could get them to do it with me and help me come to class (I get really lazy after 8 hours of work!) I finally talked my fiancé’s sister into trying it out with me! Woot! I was in business.

The first few classes were a breeze, but after that I went down hill! 😂 We were doing a crazy amount of squats and lunges and lifts I’ve never heard of! I stepped into another world like when I first walked into derby. (that’s another story to come!) I learned I was great at dead lifting, had bad upper body strength. I also got very sassy when people told me to do something, but I did it in the end.

With this fitness challenge came a diet. I wasn’t too excited about it at first because I love food. I basically had venison hot dogs and hard boiled eggs for three week straight! The 90 day challenge also came with a meal plan. I paged through the plan and picked out 5 recipes then had a meal prep day. This is the best thing for me because I’m not a morning person. It takes me forever to get out of bed and on my way to work, so grabbing something I already prepped makes my mornings super easy. I am now happily semi converted to the paleo diet or the caveman diet. I fall off the bus every once in a while, (I miss pasta haha) but it is the best thing I have done for my body/guts.

I am now doing one on one class two times a week to really get derby ready before our first bout! So far I am progressing at a decent pace. I am slowly getting stronger and getting better with what my body is doing and the proper way to lift/push/jump. I am so excited for the next 6 months to see how I progress and see how it helps out my derby.

Thanks for reading!

Tia Maguire
Tijuana Slammer #3213

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